Worthing Reflexology
& Massage 

Where mind and body becomes whole again



Reflexology-holistic therapy that aids relaxation and healing

£30 -  60 min session  

Hands- £15- 25 min session

Facial Reflexology The Bergman Method- aims to help your entire body function at its optimal level with added extra glowing and radiant complexion.Facial reflexology can be very beneficial for children and teenagers as well as elderly. Two face oil are used-Frankincense and Rose, both well known for their anti-ageing properties. You will leave with younger looking and glowing complexion  complexion

£25 -50 min session 

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Full body  holistic massage (women only )

£30- 60 min session 

Back, neck and shoulder 

                         £20 -30 min session 

Back, neck and shoulder massage combined with feet reflexology 

£30- 60 minutes session 

This session combines 30 minutes of back massage with 30 minutes of feet reflexology