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First time I have had reflexology on my feet and I have to say it was amazing. The atmosphere was very calming, music soothing to the ears and most of all relaxing. My feet after a long day in heels felt totally revitalise. Thank you, I will definitely be back soon.

~Anna R.~Letting agent

I've been having fortnightly reflexology for a few months with Monika and it's absolutely wonderful! I count down the days until my next session, it's so relaxing, calming and is now vital to my wellbeing. Monika is kind, caring and professional. She makes sure everything is explained fully and will do anything and everything she can to help you regardless of your reason for going. I would HIGHLY recommend to all 

~Lizzie~Mental Health Team Manager

 I had a reflexology treatment and facial with Monika last week. She is very professional and caring. I will be going back for more treatments. Thank you Monika.

~Wendy~ Employment Manager

I have been having weekly reflexology  treatments with Monika. My symptoms slowly dissapear and I feel much better. Monika is very professional and always tries to find a time to fit me in with her appointment
"hanks for my Indian head massage Monika. I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt after it. It was worth every penny. I will be visiting you again soon and trying out something different."
                                   Debbie,teacher assistant
"The anti-cellulite massage was sooo nice I recommend especially brushing body, it was AMAZING! !!!Thank you, I will be back very soon"

Yesterday I had a back and shoulders massage: professionalism, relax and great results after my first massage. I recommend to anyone to have a massage to Monika Serenity and I looking forward to book another one.


I come to Monika every 2 weeks. I love it. I always request soft, gentle massage just to relax and Monika delivers it. Great music, beautifull scents and proffesionalism even from her own flat. I have to say my stress level is under control, it is "me time". I reccommend Monika to everyone
                             Jenniffer, PA, 

I have had 3 massages now from Monika. I should start by saying i suffer from a bad back. Well not anymore, after 3 sessions my back feels so much better. Monika is always very proffessional. The set up is beautiful and it is extremely relaxing she has lovely smelling candles and incense and gentle fire scene in the background makes you instantly relaxed. All in all a top service and her skill and prices are hard to beat. I would highly reccommend to anyone who would like to have a massage xx
                   Jannine,office manager 
I'm so relaxed after my full body massage, beautiful calming soundings certainly ensured maximum relaxation. Thank you Monika I will be definitely be booking again :-) xxx
Fantastic reflexology treatment, 3 sessions in and I already started to enjoy my life more
~Anon, Worthing
I can not recommend highly enough Monika's healing hands through reflexology! After the treatement I felt relaxed and stress free. I even fell asleep in the middle as I was so relaxed ☺️ 5 star treatment and 5 star therapist.
~Debbie~deputy manager 

What a truly amazing experience having reflexology! Never had it done before, as I've got a number of health problems, I thought I'd try this to see if it was beneficial. Monika is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, experienced and welcoming. After explaining to Monika my ailments, she wrote down all my details in depth and explained how she approaches and treats these. I had an opened mind to reflexology before I saw Monika and now I would highly recommend this alternative treatment, which is drug free and natural. I feel energised and relaxed after my session today, thank you Monika for all your help today and will certainly be a regular customer. Looking forward to next visit.

~Elaine~senior care assistant 

I have contacted Monika months ago after one of the NHS nurses advised me to. Doctors gave up on my swollen leg. After 4 treatments Monika managed to get rid of the swelling. I can finally walk again

~Steven S. retired~Worthing